GHL Sourcing

GHL asked us to design a logo for them. Easy.

What Richard and Huw really wanted was an identity that reflected what the company was all about.

GHL Sourcing source goods from Asia for their customers from an extensive range of factories that they work with. They can also innovate the product and ensure the best design, the best packaging and the best delivery options available.

Our concept was based around what a symbiotic relationship look like visually. We came up with an infinity loop or figure of eight, which is also a lucky number in Asia. The colour palette was chosen to reflect the vibrancy of the Asian market, with the Red hues also considered lucky.

The identity was brought up to date by developing a geometric version of the loop/figure of eight. This design worked on another level also, appearing as two boxes/two places, Asia and Britain, reflecting packaging and product. It was felt that a simple neutral grey would work well for the typography against the vibrant mark. The typeface chosen was Gill Sans, being a classic British humanist typeface it’s soft curves contrast the geometric angles of the mark.

We also thought it would be a great idea to create an infographic to simply explain what the company does and how they do it.

To read more about GHL Sourcing, visit their website here.