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For us, design is only as great as the sum of its parts. Creating award-winning, transformative design requires a strong and evidence based approach. Find out more about our approach here.
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A lot has changed over the past 20 years.

From Mini Discs to Beanie Babies, MySpace to Flash mobs: fads come and go. What doesn’t change is the ongoing desire for quality and value. Here at WDC we like to think of ourselves as a timeless classic. With over 20 years experience in the design industry our team has been at the helm of some of the great changes in design and marketing. Whether we’re working in print or digital, you can be guaranteed we will deliver the care, creativity and consideration to make sure your campaign stands the test of time.


We value honesty, trust and integrity.

Our close knit team has a strong and supportive working culture that highly values each individuals experience and input. Our small team works closely together, sharing skills across disciplines, fostering lateral and joined-up creative thinking. This means you can be assured that your final product will be shaped by the best knowledge and expertise our concentrated team has to offer. In choosing to work with us, you’ll become part of that team.


We pride ourselves on our close client relationships.

Working with us you’ll enjoy the benefit of frequent and regular contact with your own personal team member. Rather than spend hours chasing people through endless departments or dealing with account managers, you’ll receive direct contact with the person working on your creative. This means we’re always on hand to listen to and act upon your vision and needs.


Over the past twenty years we’ve worked with some huge names.

From Arriva Trains Wales, to Hodge Bank, Public Health Wales to The British Council and many more. We’ve also worked with charitable organisations, start ups and social enterprises. Big or small, each and every client can expect the same level of reliable, high quality service. Working with a vast array of clients across many and varied fields means we are adept at adopting our approach to suit diverse briefs. This flexibility translates into an innovative, inspired and motivated approach to creativity and design.


We think there’s a huge difference between making contacts and making connections.

At WDC we focus on building relationships that last. During our 21 years in the industry we’re proud to say we’ve retained clients and welcomed return customers. By listening to, engaging with and really getting to know our clients we’ve helped businesses grow and organisations flourish.


Big agency Talent. Small Agency Value.

Running a streamlined company means we can offer you high quality services at great value. We appreciate the need to spend smart, no matter the size of your organisation. Our office may not boast a ball-pit and we’re far more likely to be found stretching our legs round the local parks rather than slithering into work on a slide. This means that our team can provide you with expert lead service that delivers- all at fantastic value.

For a friendly chat about how we can use our knowledge, talent and expertise to transform your ideas into reality, get in touch!