Brand Identity and Logo Design - Washington Design Consultants
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At WDC we recognise that an organisation’s brand is its most valuable asset. We work under the belief that branding encompasses the associations that customers and consumers make with a company, product or organisation. That’s why it’s key that organisations and companies develop and retain a strong brand identity from the offset. We have a proven record of working with organisations across the public, private and commercial sector on both internal and external brand development and design. Our approach is to employ our experience and talents to work closely with the client, integrating their ethos and values to create engaging and innovative design that boosts customer trust and generates interest across the mediums of print and digital media.


We will work with you to create a strong brand identity that incorporates multiple touchpoints, encompassing everything from logo design and typography to ensuring your content tells your organisations story in an engaging and insightful way. We can also provide entire brand guidelines: essential in ensuring your organisations message and appearance remains consistent and targeted.


With over twenty years experience in both corporate identity and product and service branding, you can rely on us to ensure your brand creates an impression that lasts.

Logo Design

Whether it is a half bitten apple transporting us to all things tech, a swoosh tick inspiring thoughts of sport or a certain shade of purple prompting us to covet all things chocolate, a well designed logo provides the visual touchpoint that connects your audience to your brand. Good logos should be instantly identifiable, easily comprehensible and act as a functional signpost between you and your audience. Whether you’re at the exciting inception stage or are an established brand looking to make subtle but effective adjustments, we will listen to and work with you to create an impactful, distinctive and memorable logo that ensures your organisation makes a lasting impression.