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Ensuring your health promotion message reaches the correct audience can be difficult. See how we used imaginative graphic design to appeal to a hard to reach demographic.
Public Health Wales, PHW, Health Promotion, children's health, young people
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Digital Design, Print Design
About This Project

Young Persons Annual Quality Statement


The Young Persons AQS presented an opportunity to produce an innovative piece of work that utilised a new and exciting approach in order to ensure PHW were able to appeal to the hard-to-reach youth demographic. We worked closely with PHW’s external and internal communications team to ensure that the work produced reflected PHW’s overall guiding principle of creating a healthier, happier and fairer Wales for future generations.


Our role within the project was to produce design that reflected the input of the young people whilst simultaneously ensuring the document retained the tone, personality and purposes upon which PHW’s brand is positioned. Throughout the process we referred to and worked closely within PHW’s corporate guidelines.


The work was printed on uncoated stock and a Pdf version was produced for online circulation. The document was printed bilingually.

Washington Design have been successful in wining the last 3 years tenders for development of the Public Health Wales Annual Quality Statement. Each year has been a learning process for the Trust which has been supported by the commitment, time and professionalisms of Washington Design. The 2017/18 Annual Quality Statement introduced a new beginning for Public Health Wales with the development of the Young Persons Annual Quality Statement. Again the support received via Washington Design was impeccable, they even spend half a day in the Cardiff office engaging with young people to talk through options and decide on the final look of the publication

Junaid Iqbal, Lead for Service User Experience at Public Health Wales.