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Our Approach

Here at WDC we...

don't believe in treating everyone the same but we do believe in treating everybody equally. Whilst we pride ourselves on providing each and every client with an individual and tailored experience as unique as they are, underpinning this is a systematic, comprehensive and thorough approach that ensures we support our clients to achieve their desired results time and time again. At WDC we...

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No matter who we are working with, we treat every client and project with the same level of diligence and respect. We will spend time getting to know you and your organisation, actively listening to your requirements and working alongside you to help turn your visions into clearly defined, measurable and deliverable aims, goals and objectives. At the heart of all we do is integrity. Our open, honest and transparent approach to costings and resources means you will always be provided with the highest quality of work at fantastic value.


Market and audience research is an essential stage of the design process. No matter the organisation, product or business, we always employ a solid and thorough approach to the research process in order to ensure that our design work is rooted in a strong evidence base.


Once the previous stages have been completed our work creating the design can commence. We utilise the audience profiles previously created in order to employ an AIDA approach to design. This ensures our work generates Awareness and Interest, ignites Desire and spurs audience’s into Action- an important stage in ensuring your objectives and goals are realised. We work closely to the design brief, employing colour palette, typography and graphics across all materials to ensure the tone remains consistent. You can be assured that our design will be fresh, impactive and tailor-made to ensure you achieve your objectives.


For over 20 years we have built fantastic working relationships with third-party suppliers of print, production and distribution services. If you require, we can manage all these services for you. We also review all materials prior to circulation in order to ensure all items are pass our stringent quality control assessment before being handed over to you.


Our involvement with our clients does not conclude with the handing over of the final copy. We invite all clients to return to us at any point with amendments. As projects, products or businesses evolve, so too may the design requirements. We are more than happy to revisit design at any stage to ensure it continues to support you to achieve your aims and objectives.